The group of business leaders, Lide, held a lunch-debate on 28th October at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the state capital, gathering 144 people, including businessmen and officials. The UP Insurance, which was among one of the four brokers chosen by the directors of Mapfre, had the special presence of the Managing Director of UP Insurance, Mr. Marco Antônio Brandão.


With the theme “Concessions and modernization of transport infrastructure in Brazil,” the founder and president of the organization, John Doria, welcomed the guests before announcing the presentation by César Borges, Minister of Transport. The minister talked about the federal government’s attempt to attract investment from the private sector in improving the highway network and on highway concession which is one of the main focuses of the government program to accelerate the country’s growth. According to the minister, the agency is promoting a plan for medium and long term, so you can not only achieve the goals, but having a more responsive and faster to execute its tasks machine.