In February, the Terminal Logistics Cargo (Teca) of the Rio de Janeiro International Airport organized a meeting with representatives of the technical visit with AGS Cargo aiming loyalty and business cooperation. The meeting took place between AGS Head of Operations Brazil, Tatiana Borges, AGS Import and Export Supervisor of Rio de Janeiro, Bianca Muniz, beyond the Logistics Coordination and Cargo Industry and Facilitation and Customer Service of teca area.


AGS Cargo is a company specialized in handling aeronautical charges and acts for various clients as strategic Turbomeca Brazil, TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil S / A River Aero Taxi Aereo Ltda, Air AeroleoTáxi S / A and OMNI Air Taxi. Many of these companies are featured in Infraero Logistics Efficiency Program, with participation in the ranking.


During the team’s visit to TECA facilities, AGS Head of Operations Brazil has shown interest in expanding business release at the terminal and the possibility of increasing the nationalization of ocean cargo through Customs Transit Declaration (DTA). “I leave satisfied to see that this cargo terminal has its methods and well organized operational flows and this perception will contribute to the improvement of our logistics efficiency,” said Tatiana.