On the last day March 17th, ​​AGS Cargo SAO team did another technical visit to import and export cargo warehouse at Infraero terminal in Guarulhos International Airport.

The aim is that the new operating company analysts know the environment of airport charges and become familiar with the operations of airlines, Infraero, IRS and other stakeholders in the process.


The team had the opportunity to meet all the structures handling and storage terminals. Among the devices shown are: x-ray equipment; scales; cold rooms of different temperatures; platforms docks with levelers; dollies with varying capacities up to 15 tons; forklifts with diverse capabilities; measuring radiation; fixed and mobile racks; automated stacker cranes and conveyors; tractors, sweepers and tugboats.


“The technical visit is a learning strategy that reinforces and affirms all the knowledge acquired and built in the formation of each employee. Through technical visit our analysts get in touch with the market and visualize the operations in practice,” said Tatiana Borges, Head of Operations Brazil, who participated in the tour.