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Leader in aviation (aeronautical) insurance, UP Insurance has products and services that offer the necessary tranquility to owners and operators of jet aircraft, helicopters and propeller-tube, mainly in the areas like business aviation, agricultural, offshore operations and air taxi.

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  • Hoof (all risks);
  • Civil responsibility (straight and second risk);
  • War, sequestration and confiscation;
  • “Spare Parts”/ parts, engine parts and accessories insurance;
  • “Slung” cargo and “winching” (operation of lifting objects by a single helicopter (slung Cargo) or lifting objects by two helicopters (Winching);
  • Medical and hospital expenses;
  • Emergency and first aid;
  • Temporary substitute aircraft expenses;
  • Search and rescue expenses;
  • Winds with speeds above 60 knots;
  • Breach of warranty aeronautical;
  • Liability hangar;
  • Other additional coverage provided for in the rate.


  • The best market rate;
  • Online request for quotation;
  • Quotation and acquisition of compulsory insurance, “straight”, in the same day;
  • Operation only with insurances of first line in the market.