Tranquility on land,
in the sky and sea

UP Insurance is an insurance broker that makes part of AGS Holding and has the goal to provide the most appropriate insurance´s solution to its customers.

Through a professional staff with recognized expertise in this segment of insurance advice, UP Insurance operates with the main insurance and has a series of products and services designed specifically for the needs of each customer type.

With a strong expertise in the aviation (aeronautical) insurance market and in the various modality of insurances, we work with the best tax in the market and wide coverage on the land, in the sky or sea.

Know our services:
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Aviation (Aeronautical) Insurance
Coorporate Insurance
Nautical Insurance
Transport Insurance

Security beyond borders

With head office in São Paulo and started activities in 2011, UP Insurance maintains a steady growth, becoming one of the most recognized insurance broker in the aviation (aeronautical) market. It offers for its customers, the coverage and security anywhere in the world.

The company maintains relationship with the main insured in the market, and partnering with the Deutsche Leasing and Alfa Bank, providing to its customers tranquility and guaranteed security around the world.

Advantages UP Insurance

  • Constant innovation to offer the moderns insurance market´s benefits;
  • One of the biggest insurance broker in Brazil, specialist in aviation (aeronautical) insurance;
  • Relationship with the best market operators;
  • Global coverage;
  • Completed solutions to various markets;
  • Personalized treat.